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Our dream home has a strong inspiration from the world famous Danish architect Jørn Utzon, the man behind the Opera house in Sydney.

Our Danish architect Kim Holst worked for more than 10 years for Jørn Utzon. His creativity and Utzon influence appealed to us and made it possible to create the house we have always dreamed of.

In every corner of the house and its surroundings you will see the a playful mix of light and shadows. An extra colonnade and the covered terraces protects against the strong sunlight during the summer but let it in during the winter.

The spacious and decorative dimensions of the rooms together with their open constructions create a harmony and gives you the feeling that you ”live” all over the house at the same time. The special zone between indoor and outdoor is very special because of the giant and yet invisible windows.

The location is merely picked in the beautiful, old and well constructed urbanisation La Alquería close to the known white mountain village Mijas. The house is placed on a green mountain side with almost 360 degrees views and a stunning panoramic view over the Mediterranean Sea and the nearby majestic mountains. You can easily follow the sun move as it rises in the East until it sets behind the mountains in the West. The light from both sunrise and sunset provide a scale of unique colors in the beautiful mountain landscape all year round.

The location of the house on the 4.800 m2 plot is totally undisturbed.

Yet Malaga airport is only a 25 minutes drive away which makes it easy to connect to the rest of the world.